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  Discover the BIG BIG WORLD!

The IT’S A BIG BIG WORLD Web site is designed to mirror the look, feel, and philosophy of the television series. Just as Snook and his friends go on new adventures in each episode, the site is designed for children to explore in different ways, with many different paths, games, and activities to discover. Hidden surprises encourage children to look at each area closely, moving the cursor around the page. Day, night, wind, and rain buttons let children change the environments and trigger responses from the characters. A visit to the site should make the child feel as though they are in the World Tree, where the characters welcome them and invite them to explore, play, and discover.

Here are some tips to help you and your child find your way around this big, big Web site.

Site Set-Up

The World Tree is home to Snook, Smooch, Winslow, Bob, and all of the other characters from IT’S A BIG BIG WORLD, just as in the television series. Each character has a “home” in the tree with specials games, activities, and surprises.


Navigation As the site opens, click anywhere on the World Tree to arrive in the center of the tree where you will be greeted by Snook. There are three ways to navigate through the tree. The small tree on the right serves as a navigation map. The red circle shows you where you are, and by clicking on any other circle, you can move to that area.
Alternatively, in any individual character area, arrows appear at the top, bottom, left, and right of the screen showing which directions you can travel and which character you will find there.

Big Big World Friends Additionally, you can choose a character to visit and click on their image at the bottom of the page.

Games, Music & Videos
You can also click on the buttons on the right hand side of the screen to go directly to the “Games,” “Music,” or “Videos” sections of the site.

Look for the surprises!

Each character area contains animated surprises. Look for small stars highlighting specific areas or items that become outlined in white when you pass your mouse over them. Clicking on these images will reveal a hidden animation. For example, in Ick’s waterhole, click on the spider and he will spin a web. Occasionally, just scrolling over an image causes a change. For instance, scrolling over the vines near Oko’s ledge will cause them to sway.

Day or Night?  Wind or Rain? Day or Night? Wind or Rain?

In some locations, you can also change the time of day or the weather. Look for buttons above the tree on the right and click the different options to watch Ick hide from the rain, Bob fall asleep at night, or Snook’s fur blow in the wind.

Where’s Wartz?
Where’s Wartz?

Wartz is the only character on the site without a designated area in the World Tree. He will be found in different locations in different visits to the tree. Click on him when you see him and he will greet you or ask a question

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages

Wartz is also the host of the electronic coloring pages. In each character’s home, click on the small piece of paper tacked up in the room and an image of that character will appear that your child can color electronically. You can also access these coloring pages, and pictures to print and color via the Games link.

  Technical Tips

To maximize your child’s experience on the site, you may need to download one of the free applications that allow you to access all of the content on the site. These include:

Quick Time
Adobe Reader
Windows Media Player

For more technical information, visit PBS KIDS Technical Tips.