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Welcome to IT'S A BIG BIG WORLD, an innovative preschool series from Mitchell Kriegman (creator of Bear in the Big Blue House, Clarissa Explains it All). Venture deep into the rainforest, high atop the world, to the tallest tree - the World Tree - home to a diverse group of animals and the show's metaphor for the world as a whole.

Snook, an energetic giant tree sloth is your host and guide through this new world. His friends include: Smooch and Winslow, two rambunctious marmoset siblings; Wartz, an eager-to-please singing tree frog; Madge, an ancient she-turtle with the map of the world on her back; Burdette, a bird who thinks she knows it all; Bob the Anteater, who has a complicated relationship with the ants; Ick, a braggart fish; Oko, an old monkey trickster; and now Riona! The baby sloth that has come to live with Snook in his tree house

Snook & Riona

As they accompany Snook and his pals on adventures and investigations in the World Tree, kids will experience science, not as just a collection of facts, but as an exciting process of discovery. Viewers will see characters who are excited about science, who look for answers to the scientific puzzles they encounter, and who follow the steps and methods of scientific investigation. Through the stories of individual characters, kids will learn about different animals - how they live, grow, and change. The series will also introduce children to geography, providing them with a basic understanding that the world is bigger than their immediate surroundings and a sense that they are an important part of a larger community.

The World Tree is also full of music. With dance rhythms from around the world set to the beat of indigenous percussion, the original songs featured in each episode are hugely distinctive, while remaining the kind of catchy, familiar and warm music that kids and their parents love to sing along to.

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