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If I were an animal…

Curriculum Idea: We are all different in our own special way and have our own abilities. It is exciting and fun to pretend that you are someone or something else. Pretending is a great way to learn about things, but it we cannot change who we are just by pretending to be something else.

Related Episode: One Monkey Too Many, The Big Race

Ages: 3-4

Subject: Life Science

Skills: Imagination, Imitation, Comparison

Materials: Paper, crayons/markers/pencils

Directions: In IT’S A BIG BIG WORLD, Wartz pretends to be a monkey. Talk with your child about how fun it can be to pretend we are something else. Ask her if she can pretend to be a monkey like Wartz did: make a monkey sound and walk around with her arms hanging down low. Then ask her if she can pretend to be a frog, like Smooch and Winslow did: make a frog sound and hop. Finally, ask your child if she could be any kind animal, what kind of animal would she be? Ask her to draw a picture of herself as the animal. What sort of things would she like to do as that animal?

Take It Further: Learn more about the animal that she has chosen. Visit the library, look in an encyclopedia, or look on the Internet to get more facts about the animal’s habitat, diet, and lifestyle. Discuss any similarities between the child and the animal. Do they both eat fruit? Or sleep at night?

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