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What’s it like outside?

Curriculum Idea: There are changes in the weather. There are things we can observe that help us determine what the weather may be like even if we can’t go outside. These observations can help us determine the most appropriate clothing to wear for the weather.

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Ages: 3-6

Subject: Earth Science, Health

Skills: Observation and Reasoning

Materials: Books or magazines with pictures of places outdoors, photographs or drawings of your child wearing different seasonal clothing

Directions: Find pictures of places outdoors in a book or magazine. Ask your child to look for clues that would tell him what the weather is like in the picture. For example, what are the people wearing? Do you see any umbrellas? Is it sunny? Does the ground look wet? What do you think the temperature is? What kind of plants to do you see? Do you see any puddles? Or any sprinklers? What other things do you see that could give you hints about the weather? With all of these clues, ask him what he thinks the weather is like there. Be sure to talk about why it may be necessary to look for more than one clue about the weather is like. For example, it may be a very cold winter day but the sun is shining brightly. If the sunshine was his only clue, he might guess that it was warm outside. But, if he looked for other pieces of information, and saw that there was snow on the ground and no leaves on any of the trees, he would realize that it might be cold. As you determine what the weather is like in each picture, discuss how the weather influences the types of clothes your child would need to wear outside. Then have your child choose the photo or drawing of himself wearing the most appropriate clothing for that weather.

Take It Further: One easy way to learn something about the weather without going outside is to check the temperature. If you have an outdoor thermometer that your child can see, teach him how to read it. If you don’t have a thermometer, talk about other ways to learn what the temperature is – seeing a sign at the bank, calling the local time/temperature number, looking online, or on television. Talk about how the temperature affects what he wears outside or what outdoor activities he can participate in.

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